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I’m the cocky one in the wheelchair with the really cool hat. The other two are my minions (Younger Daughter and Younger Son


Hi!  I’m Allene J. Clarkson — call me AJ, everybody does — and when I’m not lurking on this blog, I’m a wife, a mother of four, the grandmother of three (and one more on the way!), an occasional musician, a country girl and proud resident of Hillbilly Land, Appalachia.

But mostly I’m a lover of books.  If Amazon.com had a 12-step program, I’d be a charter member.  I’ll read almost anything you put in front of me, but most of my affection belongs to science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  I came by it honestly:  my mom and dad were both book lovers, too.  Mom was all about the classics, particularly 19th century British lit.  My dad was a science fiction fan.  It was through him that I first encountered and fell in love with the pulps and Golden Age Science Fiction.

With a mom in love with Dickens and a dad in love with science fiction, it only makes sense that I ended up in the world of Steampunk, Dieselpunk and New Pulp.  If you’ve followed the interwebz to my little oasis, then you don’t need me to tell you why these literary/artistic movements are so exciting.  The energy, the creativity, the passion, those are all terrific.

But what excites me — and I hope will excite you — is the potential.  Steampunk, Dieselpunk and New Pulp have all the illusion of being constricted, limited by their time frames, by their styles, by their own self-imposed strictures.  But look at what they spawn besides books:  music, clothing, movies, TV, online content, you name it.  For being “constricted,” they sure are exploding in every direction.

I’ve been writing, both fiction and nonfiction, for almost as long as I’ve been reading (and that’s a long time; I’m a grandmother, after all).  I’ve published here and there, and enjoyed that.  But, like most writers, I’m in it because I can’t resist creating.  And the -punk movement has proven to be fertile ground for my imagination.  I’ll share my stories on this blog, free for your enjoyment.

I love finding new nuggets of joy in my bookstore, on YouTube or online.  I love creating new stories and sharing them with my friends.  That’s what I want to do with this blog:  to share my finds and my creations, and hope that you will share yours with me.

Comments are always welcome, so bring them on.  Fun Fridays depend on the contributions of my readers, so please do send your photos, links, recommendations of all kinds, to ajclarkson-at-talwyn-dot-net.  You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.




2 thoughts on “About AJ

  1. Nice to see a new blog about steampunkery. Good luck with the blog; looking forward to seeing your posts.

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