Another Announcement

As if you haven’t guessed, the illness that smacked me down in October is still kicking my butt.  I’ve done several doctor visits, concluding with the one this morning, with a surgeon.  Yep, the sawbones are cutting me open, to remove my gall bladder; if that doesn’t help, another surgery will be in the offing (to deal with a hiatal hernia; practice your Google-Fu for an explanation).

Don’t worry about me, friends. I CANNOT WAIT for this to go down.  I have been dealing with this for over a year, off and on.  It has delivered a sh**-ton of misery to me over that time, and I am sick of being sick.  Surgery can’t happen soon enough, so far as I am concerned.

I have to wait two weeks, until December 1.  Until then, I’m still doing the invalid thing:  lots of meds, lots of sleeping, lots of pain, and lots of not accomplishing any blasted thing.  I don’t know how long the post-op convalescence will last, but hopefully not long.  When I know that I’m well enough to not need the brain-scrambling meds, and I am reasonably sure that a massive attack of pain is going to interrupt my writing, ClarksonPunk will be back.  Don’t lose hope, okay?  We’re going to continue the fun.

I WILL BE BACK!  Watch the southern skies for smoke signals coming from the deepest jungles of Appalachia!

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