October Flurry: Fun Friday Steampunk Goodness

Hi, guys.  I know it’s Fun Friday, AND it’s still October.  But I have a busy day ahead of me, things to do, people to do them to, world domination to plan, you know the routine.  So it’s gonna be a short post from me today.

First off, let’s look at The Gatehouse.  When I first stumbled across this page, I thought it was merely a blog.  And it is that.  But there’s more to it than that.  They bill themselves as a “Dieselpunk and Steampunk Magazine.”  They have some really interesting discussions of the genres, they have forums (they’re not very active, but there are lots of archives to read).  They have the Gatehouse Gazette, a now-defunct ‘zine with fiction, artwork, you name it.  But what got my attention was the blog. I really enjoyed it.  Definitely worth checking out.

Second:  Every once in a while (okay, a lot), I run across articles online that are related to our beloved genres, but are not substantial enough to really merit a separate write up.  But I WANT to write them up.  But then I remembered that this is my blog, and I can do it if I wanted to.  So here goes. I found this article a few months back, called, “The Weirdest Unsolved Mysteries of World War II.” It talks about, well, yeah, just what it says.  The Battle of Los Angeles is one I’d heard of before, of course.  And the business with Rudolph Hess.  But the Flight 19 one was new to me.  I love mysteries like these, and reading the article prompted me to go looking for other articles on the same subject.  I found a couple; there are some overlaps, but still, here are the links so you can check it out.  This one I found particularly interesting,  There’s also some stuff on YouTube.

okay, last one, and this one is a doozy!  The Dictionary of Victorian London is a website that I found several years ago, and promptly lost the link for.  I’ve looked for it off and on ever since. It is simply the most comprehensive source on all things Victorian that I have ever EVER seen.  You name it, there’s something on the page about it, from clothing to food to occupations to crime, everything.  And not only are all these subjects discussed at length, but there are maps, pictures, photos, documentation, links, and quotes to back it all up.  In a word, it is FANTASTIC!  Definitely check it out, but be careful; the last time I looked at this page, I got lost to a week-long archive binge.  It was terrific.

Okay, I told you it was gonna be short today.  Sorry about that.  You know the drill:  tweet, share, comment, email.  I’ll see you again as soon as I figure out how to get the electrodes to stay hooked up to this corpse’s neck while the storm is blowing…. wait, did I say that out loud?  Never mind; I’m all about the flower arranging today!  Sure, that’s it……


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2 thoughts on “October Flurry: Fun Friday Steampunk Goodness

  1. Yes, the Dictionary of Victorian London is a gem. I’ve used it so many times in my writing. The author, Lee Jackson, just came out with a book called “Dirty Old London” about the Victorian battle against filth (mostly a losing battle, as it turns out.)

  2. wsmarble

    You just apologized for giving us a city-full of new avenues to explore. You are most gratefully forgiven!

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