Fun Friday: samples of everything

And yet another Friday slips up on me and hits me over the head with a sap.  Sigh.  First up:   apropos of nothing, here’s a shout-out to an old friend, Richard B.  We went all through school together, first grade on, but I hadn’t spoken to him since we graduated (I’m SOOO not a social creature, and would pay good money to forget my high school years ever actually happened; it was tough being a nerd back in the day).  He found me last night on Facebook and we spent a good couple hours catching up.   Good to talk to you again, Richard.

So Indian summer is in full swing here in the darkest jungles of Appalachia, and I’ve run out of audio drama to listen to.  So I’ve switched to … brace yourself! ….reading comic books!  I know, right?  I have stated here before that I almost never read comic books. But somebody loaned me a couple of titles that I have been interested in {the 2013 run of Constantine by DC, all the Hellblazers, and a selection of Tank Girl installments (1991 is when the run starts)}.  I only started the Constantine ones last night, and am enjoying them.  (I was already familiar with Constantine from back in his Swamp Thing days, and I was one of those who seriously disliked the movie; it had some interesting moments, but Keanu Reeves?  Really?) I have seen the trailer for the promised TV show (see it here)  and it looks like it COULD be good, if NBC doesn’t screw it up.

Tank Girl could possibly be seen as something vaguely resembling Dieselpunk, if you squinted just so (and added a little something-something to your hookah).  But Constantine less so, unless you remember that Occult Detectives are a part of the late Victorian/early Edwardian “literary” scene, and continue right up to today.  But I will not get into this right now; I’m saving it up for next month.  Which reminds me…..


Much as I despise colder weather, October is my favorite month of the year, containing my all-time favorite holiday of the year.  You tinsel and Santa types can keep your HanuChristmaKwanzaa mess.  Give me Halloween every time!  Screw Rudolph, I want ghosts and kaiju and the hungry undead!  I have big plans for my first October on ClarksonPunk; be prepared for extra doses of steamed/dieseled/pulped stuff from me.  So keep an eye out (and don’t look behind you!)

But alas, it’s not October yet, and I have a promised Fun Friday to deliver.  So let’s press on, shall we?

First, a quick image and link for you.  I don’t know how I got this link, but whoever this is, I just love their creativity:  a Rocketman cosplay, complete with fifties style vacuum cleaner conversion to a jetpack.  Check it out!

Next: So when I’m surfing the Internet, I have times of being seriously bookmark-happy.  I stumble across something that I don’t have time to look at now, so I bookmark it for looking at later.  And then I forget why I bookmarked that page, and it gets deleted.  (I live a busy life, don’t judge me).    This is one of those times.  I was looking at my collection, saw one that said, “Dieselpunk Industries Television,” and thought, “huh?”  So I clicked, and it was like a TV channel, playing one old flick after another.  I did a little searching and found their Home Page.  They have all sorts of stuff on this page, noir movies, science fiction, old Republic serials  (I’m SUCH a pushover for Buster Crabbe’s Flash Gordon).  And I like the way it’s presented.  When I clicked on that link, for a second it really did feel like I was tuning in the favorite TV channel of some Dieselpunk metropolis.

Next up:  Beat to a Pulp magazine is a free webzine:  “Offering stories in a variety of genres (from noir and hardboiled crime to Westerns, from science fiction to the undefinable), BEAT to a PULP is sure to have something for every pulp enthusiast. ”  They also offer ebooks at pretty good prices.  The stories I’ve read on the webzine are well written, and short, with a max of 4000 words.  They boast of posting at least one story every week, and best I can tell, they mostly live up to that promise.  Check it out, tell me what you think.

Finally, I know I’ve been kind of neglecting the Steampunk genre the last few weeks.  I’m sorry about that; my reading/watching tastes tend to run in streaks, and right now my brain has been focused on New Pulp.  But fear not!  I have not forgotten my Victoria-philes.  Here is Exhibition Hall, an online ezine hosted by, focused on all things Steampunk.  What I’ve read so far is pretty well written (though at times it feels like an overly formatted blog rather than an ezine).  There are discussions of cons, art, book reviews, interviews with various personages in the Steampunk community, you name it.  Alas, the last issue was posting last September, so it looks like Exhibition Hall is on a semi-permanent hiatus.  But there are 26 issues to keep you reading for a bit.  The files are in PDF format, so obviously you can read them on your browser or you can right-click download them and convert them to e-reader (though I personally find this gives a spotty result; double columned stuff doesn’t convert to Mobi very well).  Do go check it out.

And that’s about it for me for this Friday.  Did you have fun?  I certainly did.  Next time we meet, I’ll have a new installment of Fortuna and crew for you.  Until then, don’t forget to share, tweet, comment, and send along anything that looks good for Fun Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!

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