Fun Friday: The League of Steam, and Classic Serials

It’s Fun Friday!  God knows, I could use a little fun after the week I’ve had.  My electricity was out for a day, and my internet was out for 48 hours.  Stupid power surge!  My daughter was kind enough to post Wednesday’s blog for me.

But today is a new day!  Today’s Fun Friday offering is The League of Steam.  They are a Steampunk-centered comedy troupe out of California.  I first heard about them when I stumbled across their YouTube Channel (find it here).  I fell in love with their videos and subscribed instantly.  They also have a webpage  (find it here) that describes their exploits much better than I could.  Interesting note:  if you’re a fan of the music group Panic at the Disco, take a look at their video for their song, “The Ballad of Mona Lisa.”  Yep, those actors are our friends at The League of Steam; they also provided all costumes and props for the video.


Now granted, I’m not a huge comics person.  I enjoy them when they’re in front of me, but don’t even think about them when they’re not.  So it’s a little odd to find me recommending a webpage devoted to comic books.  But for ComicWeb, I’ll make an exception. ComicWeb is a commercial site, specializing in all things Classic Nerddom:  comic books, videos, books, games, etc, mostly focused on nerd-friendly stuff like Star Trek, Buffy, Babylon 5, etc.  But what caught my attention is their collection of old Republic serials, and a vast collection of old radio shows.  Dick Tracy, Radarmen on the Moon, The Green Hornet, you name it, they offer it.

And even better:  they offer it FOR FREE!  Yes, you can buy discs and downloads of the material.  But they also have a podcast and a YouTube channel where they’re farming out both film and radio serials, week by week, just like they were meant to be shown.  You can bet I have this bad boy bookmarked, and, if you’re a fan of classic pulp serials, both visual and audio, then do yourself a favor:  check it out.


Okay, I think that’s pretty much it for me this week.  I have a big day planned today, and it’s starting entirely too early thus far. But next week, we have FICTION!  Yes, it’s true.  I’ll be posting a short story (or part of one, serializing it in classic fashion), in addition to my usual punk madness.  It’s Appointment websurfing, to be sure.  Until then, don’t forget to share, comment, write.  And send in your Fun Friday offerings!  I wanna see what creativity you have, and the treasures you’ve found on the Web!


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